Saturday, March 5, 2011


I just TALK...
I dont care about the MESSAGE
Or what stuck in every vocal PASSAGE.

I just SPEND...
i dont wanna know what u buy with my CHEDDARZ
And dont care whether its kept in ur bag
or stuck around the shore of ur BRASSIERE

I just HUG...
I dont sometimes know the GLORY
Or the tone of the FEELING's STORY.

I just KISS...
Underneath, lies no EMOTION
With deep DEVOTION.

I just LOVE...
I dont think about the SPARE
And the TEARS.

I just SEX...

I dont care about the SCREAM

Because on the LATER...
I would be here all ALONE,
in my summer;
Without your WORDS,
Your HUG, your KISS, your LOVE
And your SEX...
I would be on this morning fields nursing VEX.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Me (thinking): I have always wanted a life without her; a life without cogitating, about anything that'd have to do with her. But alas! The more I tried to let go of her thought, the stronger the flood of her emotions running thru my vain.

I have tried so many times dealing with two or three relationships. I have had the best I have gone for the less. But the thought of her could not still, keep me with the rest. If this life i adore would be surrounded by the broken pieces of our togetherness, then I don’t think I would end up on a bed with a pillow or a cover sheet.

Besides her straggling love that fares me away, she knows when to make me cry and when to put smile on my face. I have loved her without hesitation; put her in my fame of this very spot, where many a time her triumphed is forgot.

Her recent confession goes like this; while mine doesn’t matter, because even if I marry someone else today I would still be living in her shadow.

Maryam: “I do care about u Tj I really do, I was not fair on u in the past and u were nothing but loving, I took u for granted and I was wrong.

U deserve to be happy and u deserve someone to make u happy, you’re the best partner anyone cud wish for and I was crazy for being crazy.

I always think about u from time to time and I also always remembered what we had, our laughs fights and our love, it was magical

There's still no replacing u, and even though u also have hurt me and I have done the same u were the best I ever had, I still love u.

But I don't even know what that even means, I’ve hurt too many people also and it's like I can't function in a relationship

I wouldn't want 2 make u sad again I wouldn't want 2 break your heart, all u need now is happiness. Find a girl that loves u and make a home.

Make a family and when your kids come they will be your priority and u can finally get rid of me, I want u to be happy Tj coz I truly love u.

Hey going to sleep now downloading yahoo app on my bb so we will chat tomorrow, love u very much Tj and this time I mean it with my blue heart.

i love u so very much."

Me: ' and i love you too," i reciprocated with discomfort, because im certain-no matter how hard we try to swim back to eachother's arms...the current of the ocean which is fate would always drive us apart.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April in Vain

Spring came
rushing the flowery scent
into the breezy air
strawberry tarts
blueberry crepes
drifting in the pre-summer moods
is your auburn hair

April vanity
sneaking up on the stage
at the coner of 5th avenue
is the silk blouse
and gladiator shoes
easing into the sunny beams
are your brown eyes

Auto-Thoughts I

There are times i would want to tell the world about what goes on inside of me. The drama that my "thought" inculcates is more than the stories of all the hollywood and bollywood + Nollywood movies. Perhaps, i m so certain that sharing em may cause river of tears in so many eyes to flood, and so many people may choose to never talk again. There are so many strange things about my life; though sometimes i try to put them into writting. But most times the words wont just come and i end up with one or two paragraphs of gory and beautiful thought, which cant explain or paint the exact image of what is gyrating inside of me.

Poetry to me is more than life itself. Life do end, but the words in which poetry paints on anybodys' wall may live for a thousand years. How i came about writting and reading can never be remembered. its like a cognitive knowledge-u dont know how it came by. I have written so many poems (long and short), but how i lost them only my past can tell. I have misplaced so many beautiful write ups; some electronically, whereby my desktop would just stop working, and i even lost some to negligence. But all the same, cruelty and love make the heart of a poet think and beat faster...i have learnt to find solace in pen and paper, i was thought to talk less and think more. A friend called me names once and he desired i was dead like a fowl. i didnt confront him either,instead...i put this on a paper with my own tears, drawing every single alphabet.

The world a home
My cloth a thorn,
My self alone
My flesh a bone,

Some years ago
I see thee grows
Some part of me
Make me a owl.

Though,through i go
Miles i crowl.
Thou thought me a fowl,
Here comes the word for my beloved foe.